People & Activities

Through "ocean-friendly manufacturing", we foster harmony among people.
That is what we aim to be.

Company trip

This is a great way to deepen relationships among our people as well as spend meaningful time with families.
We visited Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch on a trip to Kyushu, and Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and Asakusa on a trip to Kanto.

Club activities

Our own gymnasium is located next to our maim office, factory and laboratory building. The gymnasium is rented out not only to our in-house table tennis club but also to our neighbors, helping to revitalize the local community.

Company events

In addition to participating in the "Ika Odori" (squid dance) at the Hakodate Port Festival, a major summer event in Hakodate, "Mochi Tsuki" (rice cake pounding) event is held at the end of the year to deepen relationships.

Our original Calendar

Every year, we publish an original calendar that includes photographs of the scenery around Hakodate, as well as the age of the moon, the time of sunrise and sunset, and other information essential for squid fishing.

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