Who makes HAMADE

Top global market share
All of them are created by the hands of craftspeople.

"Hamade Quality". From ideation and design to manufacturing. Every process is done in-house
※The global share of Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine according to our research based on the Nikkei.(As of 2015/June)

  • Philosophy & Overview

    Philosophy & Overview

    Creative innovation & Renovation.
    We will meet the needs of the entire fishing industry.

  • Our History

    Our History

    Founded in 1963.
    The company and award-winning history from hand-rolled squid fishing machine at the founding era to today.

  • People & Activities

    People & Activities

    Through "ocean-friendly manufacturing", we foster harmony among people. That is what we aim to be.

Gathering the wisdom and experience of each individual.

  1. Listen

    Listening to the requests, feedbacks and wishes of the fishers and many others.
  2. Discuss

    Discussing what and how to make the outputs.
  3. Envision

    Thinking about what kind of specifications the item can actually be made to solve the issues.
  4. Design

    Drawing up a blueprint to see if that can be feasible.
  5. Create

    More people working together as a team to create the actual prototypes.
  6. Evaluate

    To operate and evaluate them on the field experimental vessel, the Hamade-maru.
  7. Launch

    Launching sales with confidence. Because of our own products, it is possible to provide flawless follow-through services.
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